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Brand: Adidas Model: HD7372
CHILDREN'S SWIMSUIT FROM RECYCLED MATERIALS.Towers in the sand, shells and starfish. Beach days are the best of all. This adidas swimsuit is made from a lightweight woven fabric that dries quickly, so your little one is comfortable in the water, but also when they fall asleep in the backseat..
24.00€ 28.00€
Brand: Adidas Model: GE2048
All the world champions were once kids who just loved water. This adidas swimsuit helps little swimmers get better. The lightweight fabric and the built-in mesh underwear offer coverage and support.CHARACTERISTICS:Durable Infinitex Fitness fabric Back pocket with self-adhesive closure -Wat..
17.00€ 25.00€
Brand: Adidas Model: GQ1063
Adidas swim shorts designed for children are ideal for swimming.CHARACTERISTICS:Elastic waist with interior decoration for adjustment. Simple fabric weave Durable, fast drying and soft fabric. You swim shorts and casual shorts. Mesh underwear. Velcro back pocket. Waterproof finish wi..
16.00€ 23.00€
Brand: Adidas Model: DP7550
I start with the basics with this swimsuit for boys. It is made of soft, chlorine resistant fabric with yarn from recycled fishing nets and other nylon waste. The cord in the middle adjusts the fit to your measurements..
20.00€ 25.00€
Brand: Adidas Model: DP7554
DURABLE SWIMWEAR WHICH IS NOT AFRAID OF CHLORINEAn active day at the pool requires comfortable and practical clothes. This swimsuit for boys is made of chlorine resistant fabric. It has an elastic waist with a drawstring and offers UVF 50+ sun protection UV. It has a color contrast lining at the..
14.00€ 20.00€
Brand: Adidas Model: BP9789
CHARACTERISTICS:Very soft, resistant to chlorine and soft material Internal cord The perfect application for training at any level Rubber adidas logo on the bottom of the right foot..
14.00€ 20.00€
Brand: Adidas Model: CV5203
Made for diving, beach volleyball and swimming, this swimsuit for boys is ideal for beach and sea sports. It has a short line for freedom of movement, while it has an elastic waist adjustable with drawstring and side pockets.CHARACTERISTICS:-Side pockets-Elastic waist with drawstring ..
24.00€ 35.00€
Brand: Adidas Model: DQ2980
The adidas Colorblock Swim Shorts children's swimsuit is designed with a short line for freedom of movement and a clear beach style. The drawstring at the waist allows you to adjust the fit to your measurements. The different colored sections complete the athletic look.Characteristics:- ..
21.00€ 30.00€
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